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Thursday, December 08, 2005
Theocracy of the weak
Posted by neros_fiddle at 8:52 AM
In addition to dropping some ads from gay-oriented media and ceasing all ads targeting gays (any ads showing up in gay-oriented media will now be "generic" ads, the same ones running in other media), Ford is dropping support for gay events.

This is a huge win for Wildmon's loony fringe hate group. Hold your nose and peruse his site and ask yourself: why does Ford feel the need to knuckle under to these nutcases? Here's a few headlines for those unwilling to grace Wildmon's site with a visit:

Anti-Christian Hostility Driving 'War on Christmas,' Attorney Says

Donor Network Right to Refuse Organs from Homosexual, Says Christian Doc

Seventh Medical Organization Affirms Abrotion
(sic)-Breast Cancer Link

As a side note, I visited Sears for some Saturnalia shopping last night and my lovely wife noticed some crude, hastily-posted "Merry Christmas" signs on the doors. They were, from all appearances, hastily run off a laser printer and taped to the doors. The AFA site takes credit.

What a weak religion these people must have, if they start to lose faith if national department store chains don't constantly reinforce their beliefs to the exclusion of everyone else. Is their God really so fragile that He needs Xeroxed signs to survive?

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