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Friday, January 13, 2006
Screwed this country is
Posted by neros_fiddle at 9:13 PM
First Draft has been posting a jaw-dropping series of highlights (?) from recent Bush appearances. Cataloging Bush's bewildering sub-Yoda syntax is old hat at this point, but some of these recent examples are real stunners. For example, here's Bush earlier today explaining Gitmo:

I think the best way for the court system to proceed is through our military tribunals, which is now being adjudicated in our courts of law to determine whether or not this is appropriate path for a country that bases itself on rule of law, to adjudicate those held at Guantanamo. The answer to your question is that Guantanamo is a necessary part of protecting the American people, and so long as the war on terror goes on, and so long as there's a threat, we will, inevitably need to hold people that would do ourselves harm in a system that -- in which people will be treated humanely, and in which, ultimately, there is going to be a end, which is a legal system. We're waiting for our own courts to determine how that's best to proceed.

As frightening as the content of that is, it's even more terrifying combined with the barely cogent way it's expressed.

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