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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Welcome Googlers
Posted by neros_fiddle at 1:42 PM

This site doesn't get all that many hits, though it's not doing too badly and is getting some exposure out in Greater Blogistan (thanks, TBogg!).

Nevertheless, perusing the usage logs can be fun. I've discovered that, unsurprisingly, many of the visits here (apart from the "regulars") are as a result of various Google searches. Some are clearly accidental, such as the one or two hits per day I get from people trying to figure out how to use the Nero CD burning program to copy copyrighted discs. (Shame on you! Gonzales is watching!)

Others, however, are more interesting. As I type this, Nero's Fiddle is the #1 "I'm feeling lucky" result for the query trucks and manliness, #1 for french news babe and #2 (previously #1) for the query democrats unveil strategy.

And they say all the good niches are taken.

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