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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Polls revisited
Posted by neros_fiddle at 2:26 PM
A couple additional poll observations:

- The NYT has a new poll out today that tracks very closely to the Gallup poll I discussed on Monday.

- Noted right-wing goofball John Podhoretz has an interesting interpretation of Bush's poor numbers:

Republicans and conservatives have grown weary of defending Bush. They've been fighting and fighting and fighting for years, and they see no letup in the hostility toward him or in the energy and determination of his critics. Faced with that implacable opposition, they've grown not disaffected but disheartened.

So... Republicans and conservatives are starting to disapprove of Bush because they're "weary of defending" him. Hmmmm. I guess for the right, having ideals and principles isn't any fun if you're not winning.

I obviously used the "bawling child and Santa Claus tombstone" pic one post too early, since it fits JPod's whine perfectly.

Besides, I don't think anyone doubts the "hostility" or the "energy and determination" of the criticism that Clinton faced during his presidency, and he enjoyed approval ratings double that of Bush's current numbers, even while being impeached.

With friends like JPod, Bush doesn't need enemies. (Which, considering the ineffectiveness of the "opposition" party, you could argue he doesn't really have now.)

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