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Wednesday, November 15, 2006
The beautiful agony of a failed install
Posted by neros_fiddle at 12:46 PM
Having just limped past another birthday this week, I'm clearly too old to understand Microsoft's advertising campaign for the their new Zune media player.

"Welcome to the social?" What does that mean? Are they comparing the experience of using a Zune to an ice cream party for little kids?

And is this really how a Zune user sees themselves?

If that's my "inner DJ," I'll keep that dude locked up, thanks.

But I'm clearly not the target market for this device, so it doesn't matter that I'm befuddled by the slogans. Yet, when your Zune software installation goes belly up (and the early reports I'm reading suggest that the odds of that are pretty good), you'll see this:

Just what exactly is going on here? Is she upset that she's not getting in on the hot make-out action next door? (Much like the user is getting left out of the "social" by the Zune install program blowing up?)

Or is Microsoft suggesting another activity that might ultimately prove more enjoyable than setting up and using a Zune?

Whichever, I'd like to see the look on Dad's face when Junior shows him this: "Uh, Dad? That fake iPod you gave me for Christmas doesn't work. But it's showing me porn. Thanks!"

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