A View From The Handbasket

Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Fed cuts lending rate by two fishes and a loaf
Posted by neros_fiddle at 12:11 PM

Here's Our President announcing the "President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy":

I have asked people from the business world, the faith world, the non-profit world, to join this council in order to come up with recommendations as to how to better educate people from all walks of life about matters pertaining to their finances and their future.

After eight years of ruinous budgets and regulatory laissez-faire, I suppose that prayer might be the best option for the average citizen.

On the other hand, perhaps this is the closest Bush has yet come to publicly acknowledging the tension between his policies and the reality-based community. Which, in light of his oddly endearing phrase "faith world," we should probably term the "real world."

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