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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
The Pro-Terrorist Media
Posted by neros_fiddle at 9:10 PM
One of the oldest pages in the Bush playbook is the Blame Reversal Flip-Twist. If someone brings up something inconvenient or damaging, then blame the person who brings it up. Richard Clarke criticizing pre-9/11 anti-terror policy? Well, it's Clarke's fault. Joe Wilson revealing sexed-up intelligence? Blame Wilson and blow his wife's CIA cover for good measure. The New York Times breaking the story of illegal wiretapping? Call for an investigation... of the NYT for threatening nationaal security.

The latest example of this tactic is blaming the quagmire in Iraq on the media for reporting on the quagmire. If the media would stop talking about the chaos and bloodshed, the argument goes, then Americans would think the war was going well and this would, in some way, improve the actual conditions in Iraq. The power of positive thinking.

I may be the last person in Left Blogistan to link to this, but it's well worth watching. Lara Logan of CBS offers an opinion on these accusations. Follow the link for video. Here's a taste:

Our own editors back in New York are asking us the same things. They read the same comments. You know, are there positive stories? Can't you find them? You don't think that I haven't been to the U.S. military and the State Department and the embassy and asked them over and over again, let's see the good stories, show us some of the good things that are going on? Oh, sorry, we can't take to you that school project, because if you put that on TV, they're going to be attacked about, the teachers are going to be killed, the children might be victims of attack. Oh, sorry, we can't show this reconstruction project because then that's going to expose it to sabotage. And the last time we had journalists down here, the plant was attacked. I mean, security dominates every single thing that happens in this country... So how it is that security issues should not then dominate the media coverage coming out of here?

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