A View From The Handbasket

Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Posted by neros_fiddle at 4:09 PM

Rolling Stone, for those few who still pay attention, has been slowly descending into a lad-magazine morass for quite a while now. Happily, though, they have continued to produce some fine current-events reports and analysis.

The new issue features what is perhaps the most comprehensive indictment of the Bush administration committed to paper. Nothing new, but it's like a comprehensive CD box set, covering all the familiar material in detail and creating a greater whole.

Also worth a read is Matt Taibbi's report from the Gulf Coast, which is the clearest (and clearest-headed) summary I've read of the issues facing the poor in the cities levelled by Katrina. While the ADD-afflicted national eye has already turned away from this issue, the real tragedy is still unfolding.

As long as stories like these continue to appear, I can forgive the ever-expanding coverage of celebrity gossip and People-caliber record reviews.

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