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Thursday, May 18, 2006
Mexican Holocaust follow-up
Posted by neros_fiddle at 1:41 PM
A few days ago, I mentioned "Vox Day"'s charming WorldNetDaily column in which he noted that deportation of 12 million illegal immigrants would be possible in 8 years, given the fact that the Nazis had "rid themselves" of 6 million people in less than four.

For some reason, this became a controversial calculation among observers across the political spectrum. Vox the "Christian libertarian" responded with a (self-described) contemptuous rant in which he wondered why citing the Holocaust as a possible model for dealing with immigration issues was a problem ("So, there are no lessons to be learned from the National Socialists?") and went on to claim that he really isn't in favor of mass deportation at all.

Which is sort of odd, since the column in question (archived here) seems concerned primarily with criticizing Bush for not taking a hard enough line on enforcing immigration laws, and uses the Nazi comparison to support the claim that Bush isn't leveling with us about the feasibility of mass deportation.

So... Mr. Day isn't in favor of mass deportation, but he isn't happy that Bush isn't in favor of it, and uses a patently offensive analogy to support his view, even though he doesn't really endorse the idea.

Apparently, even WorldNetDaily didn't care to untangle that Mobius strip of self-justification, so they edited the original piece to remove the Nazi comparison.

All in all, this seems to be a classic case of an immature writer using blatantly inflammatory rhetoric for the sole purpose of being able to attack his "politically correct" critics who don't really understand his deep thoughts, which are so much more complex than the mere moral implications of the Third Reich.

Hopefully, Vox will outgrow such ridiculous navel-gazing at the same time he outgrows the ridiculous haircut in his headshot on WND.

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