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Thursday, November 30, 2006
Put Saddam on work release
Posted by neros_fiddle at 1:18 PM
Bill O'Reilly gives his solution to the "thing in Iraq where various groups are blowing the crap out of each other without any clear governmental authority but most definitely isn't a civil war":

If the Bush administration will not consider dividing the country into three autonomous regions, then it must consider allowing the Iraqi military to run the place, much like Musharraf runs Pakistan. Yes, that would be brutal, but clearly, the Iraqi people are not embracing freedom. So imposing order through a military strong man might be the only way.

I hear there's a guy in Iraqi prison right now that has many years of experience in suppressing Iraq's ethnic tensions through the application of brutal repression. As a bonus, he also has extensive experience in fighting a war with Iran, which might come in handy.

He's been sentenced to death, but I'd think that being forced to clean up Iraq at this point would be a far worse fate.

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