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Friday, April 21, 2006
The Nero's Fiddle 200th Post Spectacular
Posted by neros_fiddle at 3:35 PM
Time for a party!

You know it's gone too far when someone shaves the cats...

I'm proud to report that this blog has gone on approximately 198 posts longer than I expected it would, given my inherent laziness. For that I thank my loyal readers and commenters (who are threatening to break into double digits any day now) and, of course, the world, which never fails to serve up an endless parade of worthy topics.

Special thanx to Tyrone for agreeing to join me in this lunacy and TBogg for linking to it. (He's a national treasure, you know.)

Look forward to the return of catblogging later today, as well as yet another fantastic article torn from the pages of Glenn Greenwald's blog. It'll be worth it.

No, no! Put down the cable modI*N #o97y(O Y3v8o o8473yO 75oviu


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